Our new workshop space is located at 2303 N Randolph. There are multiple doors at this location. Ours is the door next to the white garage door. There are no large visible signs due to already-attempted break-ins. There will be a sign on the street, as well as a small sign on the door.


Please drop off by 8:30 and pick up by 4:30. We have a tight schedule and we need to stick to it.


We will be offering breakfast and lunch daily. We do not have food facilities on site, and so will be ordering food daily. Breakfast will be bagels with cream cheese and fruit. The lunch schedule is below. If your child cannot eat what we are serving, please bring an extra meal that day. We will be allowing them to order food daily so they can hopefully find something they like and are within their dietary restrictions.

Monday: Tamales from Tamale Boy

Tuesday: Pizza from Mississippi Pizza

Wednesday: Por Que No

Thursday: Thai food from Monsoon Thai

Friday: Pizza from Mississippi

Camper Showcase

On Friday, March 27th, we will have a small showcase from 4:00 - 5:00. We’ll serve cake and let the girls show off what they built over the course of the week. We would love for family and friends to attend!