How to Apply

Girls Build is proud to offer scholarships to our applicants. Here's how the process works.  

First, begin the registration and choose the "scholarship" option.  You will be required to pay $5 in order to process your application. There will be additional fields in the registration form as part of the scholarship application. Please give us as much information as possible. We will process your scholarship application and send you an award email in a timely manner. 

Frequently asked questions

I registered for a scholarship and paid $5.  I'm done, right? 

You're close!  Check your email and look for the scholarship application link.  Fill that out ASAP and you'll be on your way.

How do people qualify for a scholarship? 

We look at the whole application and compare it to our guidelines.  There is no specific "in" or "out." Please give us as much information as possible in the essay section as it helps us see the whole picture. We consider annual income, number of children, qualification for free/reduced lunch, and your specific circumstances. 

I am caring for a child in foster care.  How does the application work? 

Please contact us through the "contact us" page, and we will guide you through this process. 

How many scholarships are given out per week of camp? 

The number of scholarships depends upon how many sponsorships we receive, and how many partial scholarships are given out versus full scholarships.  We encourage families to pay any amount possible in order to ensure more scholarships for everyone.