hoto Credit: Dawn JOnes

Katie Hughes, Executive Director

Katie is passionate about girls exploring the world of building.  From hammering to taking stuff apart, she wants girls to learn to be fearless.  With 10 years of teaching building summer camps under her belt, this carpenter hopes every little girl gets to fall in love with swinging a hammer. 

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Ev Hu, Program Manager

Ev began her construction career as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity while working as a designer for The Oregonian. Eventually her volunteer passion became her full-time job, working as a site supervisor for Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East.  There she delighted volunteers with her wit, construction skills, and baking expertise.  She joins Girls Build excited to work with the next generation and pass on her building passion. 

Summer Staff

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Anjeanette “Bubbles” Brown, Executive Director of Fun

Anjeanette is nothing if not passionate about girls and women learning the trades.  Once a laborer, she now works tirelessly to educate women about living wage careers in the trades, and teaching girls the fun and logic of considering a career in the building trades.  She loves teaching girls at camp, "accidentally" joining in games and making camp incredibly fun. She can magically guide 80 children seamlessly through camp while the rest of the staff stares in wonder.


Lizzy Trickey, Instructor

Lizzy is a deconstructionist who loves collecting trinkets and knick-kancks form the houses she takes apart. She is an avid biker, loves senior dogs, and more than anything else, loves Girls Build. She is excited that a) a dog came to camp this year and b) she gets to teach camp all summer long. Girls Build is lucky to have Lizzy on board!