Portland camps take place at the University of Portland, from July 15 - August 2. See below for breakdown. Breakfast and lunch are provided by Bon Appetit in the university commons. . As we’ve mentioned, we will run two weeks of camps concurrently. The “all experiences” weeks are open to new campers and returners alike, whereas the “returners only” weeks are, well, open to returning campers only.

Portland  8 - 11 years old, July 15 - 19, ALL EXPERIENCES, 8am - 4pm

Portland 8 - 11 years old, July 15 - 19, RETURNERS ONLY 9am - 5pm

Portland 12 - 14 years old, July 22 - 26 ALL EXPERIENCES 8am - 4pm

Portland 12 - 14 years old, July 22 - 26 RETURNERS ONLY 9am - 5pm

Portland 8 - 11 years old, July 29 - August 2 ALL EXPERIENCES 8am - 4pm

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Camps take place at Lincoln Savage Middle School in Murphy. Camps run for two weeks starting in June 17 - 28 and go from 8am - 4pm. Breakfast and lunch are provided. June 17 - 21 will be for campers 12 - 14 and June 24 - 28 will be for campers 8 - 11.



This year’s one-week camp is Seattle has a few unknowns. We’ve got the when nailed down: June 24 - 28 (because who doesn’t like to gamble with the weather?!) We still have not pinned down a location, but are working on it. Hours will be from 8am - 4pm, breakfast and lunch will be served, and girls will build really cool stuff and have a lot of fun. Stay tuned on location (or send us some ideas!).

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Did we love ending the summer in Warrenton? Yes. Do we want to go back? Yes. Look for us at the end of the summer (August 19 -23) at Warrenton Grade School, 8am - 4pm, including breakfast and lunch. We need to thank Hampton Lumber for sponsoring this location.



Girls Build will be in Tillamook at Tillamook Junior High School from August 5 - 9. We are excited for this new location, and thank Hampton Lumber for sponsoring us! This week of camp will be open to ages 8 - 14.