Portland camps take place at the University of Portland, roughly from mid-July through the first week of August. Breakfast and lunch are provided by Bon Appetit in the university commons. Camp runs from 8am - 4pm.

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Grants pass

Camps take place at Lincoln Savage Middle School in Murphy. Camps run for two weeks starting in mid-June, and go from 8am - 4pm. Breakfast and lunch are provided.



This year’s one-week camp is Seattle has a few unknowns. Like when and where. Those are big ones, we know. But, it has a few knowns as well. It will happen, hours will be from 8am - 4pm, breakfast and lunch will be served, and girls will build really cool stuff and have a lot of fun. Stay tuned.

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Did we love ending the summer in Warrenton? Yes. Do we want to go back? Yes. Look for us at the end of the summer in Warrenton, 8am - 4pm, including breakfast and lunch. More details coming soon.