hoto Credit: Dawn JOnes


Over the course of each week, girls attend four 80-minute workshops per day.  Sometimes they build one project in those 80 minutes, like the sheet metal lamp pictured here, and some projects they work on everyday, like the clock, learning the value of planning and patience with a new skill and project. 

In this photo, campers show off the sheet metal lamps they bent, punched and riveted, and an example of the clocks they made from hardwoods, inlaid with plugs, sanded, waxed and oiled. 

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

One Big Project

Each week participants build, in addition to smaller projects, one big project together, in groups of 10.  This year, girls built: a sandbox, which was donated to a local domestic violence shelter; an 8' x 8' playhouse, also donated to a domestic violence shelter; and one 4' x 6' playhouse that is being auctioned off as a benefit for Girls Build. 

In this photo, a camper is cutting out the window openings with a sawzall. 

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Guest Instructors

Here at Girls Build, we have amazing staff instructors whose expertise runs the gamut, from professional tradeswomen, to professional educators.  Nevertheless, we like to bring in professionals from other trades as well, and this year we had visiting electricians, roofers, solar installers, sheet metal workers, water maintenance workers, tree trimmers, and more!


Camp Details

Girls 8 - 14 years old attended camp for one week, Monday - Friday, from 8am - 4pm.  Included in their days, and their camp fees, are both breakfast and lunch.  Campers attend two workshops in the morning, as well as in the afternoon.  Interspersed throughout the day are icebreakers and team bonding games, so girls can get to know each other, and build together better.

Forty girls attend camp per week, and are split into four crews of 10.  Each crew is led by two instructors at any given time, and girls are given their own hard hats, safety glasses and ear protection to take home. If girls are over 14, we encourage to them to consider becoming a junior counselor. If they are 16 - 24, we encourage them to apply to become Girls Build interns through WorkSystems. More info as registration approaches.

2020 registration will open in February… Check back here for details!