Southern Oregon Camps




June 17 - 21 for 12 - 14 year olds
June 24 - 28 for 8 - 11 year olds


8am - 4pm

Drop Off Specifics

Day 1: Please try to come early so we have time to get each girl cared for and camp started on time. Walk your camper into registration, which is by the office/cafeteria. We will need to have you sign in and then we will get her tooled up. Some parents like to stay and take pictures of her with tools on—fine by us!
Days 2 - 5: Feel free to drop your camper off at the curb, but you will need to sign in your camper with the camp counselor there.

NOTE: We will be using an app called Kinderlime to facilitate the sign-in/sign-out process and you will require a 4-digit PIN to drop off and pick up a child from camp.  This PIN will be emailed to you prior to camp.  It is not necessary for you to download the app as you just need the PIN, however if you would like updates on your child's camp day we will be posting some to the app.

If you need help with the Kinderlime site or app please visit  

Pick Up Specifics

You will need to sign your camper out, which can be done at the registration table, or with the counselor at the curb.  

NOTE: Each person in charge of picking up your child will need a PIN. Please email if you are having difficulty acquiring a PIN for a second person. This is for the safety of your child. If someone named Bill signs in with the PIN for Angela, we will not let Bill take your child home. Please understand that this is for your child’s safety, but can feel like a hassle at the moment. You must a separate PIN for each person picking up your child.


Girls Build will provide breakfast, lunch and snack daily. Breakfast will be cereal and cow milk, yogurt and granola. See lunch schedule below. If the menu isn't to your suiting, please feel free to send your child with home-packed meals.  No peanuts please. 

Monday: Pizza, fruit veggies and ranch
Tuesday: Quesadillas, fruit, quinoa salad
Wednesday: Rice bowls, fruit, bean salad
Thursday: Burritos/taco bar, fruit, tortellini salad
Friday: Turkey/veggie wraps, fruit, creamed corn

What To Wear

Participants MUST wear:

  • Closed-toe shoes

  • Short or pants (skirts and dresses are welcome but may hinder her ability to fully participate)

  • Shirts with sleeves (not necessarily long-sleeves, just no tank tops).


We will do our best to keep your child in the shade during hot weather, and take extra precautions if the weather reaches higher temps, such as extra breaks and shade time, water intake monitoring and optional water play.


If you registered under "scholarship", you need to complete the scholarship application sent to you in your confirmation email. Once that is completed, Girls Build can inform you of your scholarship award.  

If you need to pay for a partial scholarship, go to

Release Forms

All parents must fill out our release forms prior to camp.  If you have not done so, please click here to complete and sign the forms.

Daily SchEdulE


Join Us--Last Day of Camp Celebration

Join us on Friday from 2:30 - 4:00 for presentations from the girls, a scavenger hunt that will show off the girls' skills, and cake! Friends and family welcome!